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Arizona Sunshine VR (PC) – Steam Gift – EUROPE 25% OFf

Arizona Sunshine VR (PC) – Steam Gift – EUROPE 25% OFf

When a human voice flickering is heard on the air, the dreams and convictions are validated – the blazing sun of the post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon state still has survivors! Arizona Sunshine introduces a battle for life in the aftermath of the VR zombie in a players’ futile quest for human contact by handling both zomby hordes that are in their heads and the squattering weather.

From the ground up for HTC Vive and Oculus Contact, Arizona Sunshine has been created. Step through a zombie wasteland like you were there, walk about easily and navigate a post-apocalyptic universe and manage real-life motion-controlled weapons-

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Key features

Real-life gun storage, storage, firing and refill of over 25 different firearms using VR action controls, real-life action. Prepare for attacks, control your weapons and turn your opponents to pieces undead.

Explore the world easily. Take a stroll in a variegated setting, with blistering forests, punishing canyons, and vast, dark caves, in a massive southwest American environment in ps2 roms.

Enjoy a complete single-player game: the game mode is developed into bite-size VR pieces to form a complete plot. We’ve got shielded you regardless whether you want to hop in for a brief session or sit for the whole trip.

Enter forces in co-op multiplayer: join powers with up to four players in co-op field mode or in horde multiplayer mode with a friend. But beware, colder brains mean worse, rotting zombies.

Make yourself serious: Scavenge the forest, rob your enemies and control your mountain pasture and consumables in https://www.theemuparadise.com/.

Experience unparalleled VR realism: Arizona Sunshine promises incredible realism for zombie play, destructible landscapes and an overall realistic and immersive experience when enabled by an Intel ® CoreTM i7 processor or equivalent.

Play it in VR only: Arizona Sunshine is a purely ground-up VR player. Step into a zombie attack and take on unleavened monsters as near as practicable to touch you can easily download in ocean games


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