Big trends that can impact the future of Instagram marketing

Get ready for the trend of vertical videos that can be used in Instagram stories

Instagram changes specifications frequently, which can make it difficult to plan marketing budgets and resources. That’s why Instagram posting tools analyze the big trends that will affect your marketing efforts in the future. Vertical videos that were previously unfavorable are now available on Instagram. Learning this technique, which will be used more and more in the future, maybe useful for Instagram marketing. You can create high-quality vertical videos by editing videos shot vertically on your smartphone on your computer using software such as iMovie.

2020 will see a big shift in visual content on Instagram, with posts moving away from carefully curated images towards more identifiable and less produced content (including video).

The “raw” editing was a big trend last year, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere in 2020. Like most Instagram marketing trends, teens are behind it, favoring minimal edits on the photos they produce. a more organic image, authentic look.

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AR filters and offline influencer marketing are trending.

AR (Augmented Reality) is drawing attention at developer conferences. Instagram’s AR filter is a good example of how AR can be used to process photos while having fun. Filters are provided to make your lashes clearer, your cheeks redder, and your facial expressions cute. Filtered images can be expected to generate a lot of engagement. Inviting influencers to offline events to capture impressive images and videos is becoming a popular method of influencer marketing. In addition, followers who attend the event will not only spread the word of mouth but also take pictures and post them on Instagram. Experience-based content will not only increase followers but also increase product sales.

The shopping function on Instagram is expected to continue to grow.

Instagram’s shopping features have been unveiled and the momentum continues. Instagram is becoming an effective sales channel with features such as tagging products in Instagram stories or purchasing recommended products from the shopping tab. It’s not surprising that influencer marketing will begin in the future, allowing influencers to tag corporate products within their posts.

Instagram encourages the development of new marketing methods as well as the development of new features. Features that help companies grow, such as Instagram story ads, will continue to emerge.

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