Purple Plush Pillow Review 2021

Purple Plush Pillow

In the event that you love the brand’s very generally welcomed Purple Mattress or you need a sample of what they have to bring to the table, one of the Purple pads may be definitely fit for your strengths.

Purple Pillow Construction And Design

Before we go over the specific development in our Purple cushion survey, we need to bring up that it tips the scales at an incredible 10 lbs. This is the heaviest pad that we checked on to date and, to be genuine, it’s excessively hefty.

The pad itself however, is made a restrictive, gel-like material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer. You will see this on every single Purple bedding and the explanation such countless individuals are running to Purple items.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer has various favorable circumstances and inconveniences:

  • It is responsive and makes exchanging resting positions simple around evening time.
  • It likewise has a smooth, moldable feel to it, which makes moving the pad around exceptionally troublesome.
  • It likewise requires no cushioning, which implies the Purple Pillow stays as before stature and shape the entire evening. This is one of the fundamental advertising focuses that Purple uses when they advance this cushion. It’s a tough pad that has a mix of pressing factor help and backing.

The other thing that is important with the cushion is the powder that covers the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. Purple says this is non-harmful and 100% safe. You can find out about it on Purple’s blog. I would prefer not to overplay this since it’s clearly completely favorable, yet it simply causes a wreck on the off chance that you to do eliminate the cover. We aren’t worried about it from a wellbeing viewpoint, yet tidying up the powder angered us a bit.

About The Pillow’s Cover

purple pad audit cover

Close up on the front of the Purple Pillow

The front of the pad comprises of 88% Polyester, 3% Nylon, 9% Spandex Mesh. It’s delicate to the touch, however it kind of helps us to remember a rec group b-ball shirt.

Space Of The Pillow

The pad has an uncompressed space of about 3.25″, however when you lay your head on it, the space drops to about 2.75″.

The Purple Pillow Feels Unique

It seems like you’re laying on a gentler, gel/rubbery material. It’s agreeable and really flawless, yet it’s surely not for everybody. In the event that you need a more customary pad—like say, the Helix Pillow—at that point you will without a doubt not have any desire to get the Purple Pillow.

Nonetheless, in case you’re available to something new and you’re interested with the responsive, steady, pressure alleviating nature of the Purple Pillow, why should I stop you? Simply realize that it’s not normal for some other pad out there (in a fortunate or unfortunate way, contingent upon your own inclinations).

Diverse Sleeping Styles

Back Sleeping

We recall dozing is the most ideal situation for the Purple Pillow. Truth be told, in a large portion of the designs on Purple’s site, they exhibit back sleepers specifically.

There’s a genuine possibility some heavier sleepers won’t think that its tall enough for back resting, yet this is unquestionably the best situation for the pad.

Side Sleepers

For side sleepers, the Purple Pillow is a chance, not a slam dunk. We figure it will be decent for modest side sleepers, yet in the event that you have a medium or enormous edge, you should seriously mull over buying one of the promoters to expand the space.

Sleep Yard colleague Matt laid down with the Purple Pillow and said that the pad (missing the supporters) was basically excessively slight for dozing on his side. For reference, Matt is 6′ 0″ and weighs around 190 lb.

Stomach Sleepers

We feel pretty sure about saying that the first Purple Pillow isn’t intended for stomach sleepers. The cushion doesn’t pack enough to rest easily on your stomach, except if you have an enormous casing. For medium and unimposing people, the pad simply doesn’t sufficiently level and in this manner it kind of wrinkles your neck.

By and large, we would instruct you to embrace the edges regarding the pad in case you’re never going to budge on dozing on your stomach, yet for this situation, you don’t actually have that alternative. The edge edges of the cushion are fortified and offer even less pressure.

Unique Purple Pillow Price

The cushion isn’t modest, but on the other hand it’s not what we would think about unfortunate. With a MSRP of $109, the Purple Pillow is (a considerable amount) more moderate than the TempurPedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Pillow, yet more costly than the Lull Pillow.

Having said that, the most ideal approach to save money on the Purple Pillow is to watch out for groups. In case you’re now thinking about buying one of the Purple Hybrid 2/3/4 beddings, for instance, they will ordinarily package in the cushion for nothing. Along these lines, while this isn’t a markdown fundamentally, it is an approach to get a good deal on the whole buy.

This, obviously, possibly works in the event that you are keen on buying a Purple sleeping pad. In case you’re simply taking a gander at the pad, you by and large won’t discover any limits or arrangements on Purple.com for the pad explicitly.

Outstanding amongst other Cooling Pillows

This is perhaps the best component of the Purple Pillow. It works effectively at managing temperature. It doesn’t have any dynamic cooling advancements, however since the Hyper-Elastic Polymer is developed in a framework design, it takes into consideration a lot of wind stream.

The matrix design permits air to circle in and restricts how much the cushion will warm up. In fact, this isn’t a cooling pad, however it regardless unquestionably has a place on the short rundown of pads for hot sleepers.

Unique Purple Pillow Review Verdict

There’s a lot to like and abhorrence. We envision that half of individuals will be about this cushion and the other half will infer that it’s unquestionably not for them. We figure a larger part of stomach sleepers won’t care for it, more modest side sleepers may appreciate it, however back sleepers searching for a steady yet exceptional feel will like this pad the most.

For you sleepers out there who truly simply need a fleecy, down-like cushion, look at our Purple Plush Pillow audit. We likewise have a helpful video audit where you can allow Kelsey to fill you in on all the subtleties.

Development Of The Plush Version

The Plush Pillow resembles a little cloud on your bed in light of white and feathery plan. The cover material is made of 60% lyocell and 40% nylon. It’s delicate and normally dampness wicking, and feels somewhat cool. It’s certainly one of those cushions where you can flip it over in the center of the night to get to the cool side.

Purple Plush Pillow versus Purple Pillow

Purple Plush Pillow (left) versus Purple Pillow (right)

The cushion inside the pad is very much like the eidertech fill in their Purple Blanket in that it’s feathery and fun, yet it’s in reality new innovation called “Savvy Fluff.” Smart Fluff is made of interlocking denier poly fiber puff balls.

It at that point has zippers on the two sides of the pad that permit you to shut the cushion down for added immovability, open it up for ideal non-abrasiveness, or investigation with something in the middle. The standard cushion weighs 3.6 lb and the ruler is 4.4 lb.

To clean the Purple Plush Pillow, toss the entire thing in the clothes washer and utilize cold water on the delicate cycle. To dry, tumble dry on low warmth. Purple suggests tossing some tennis balls in there also, which assists with cushioning the pads up a spot and dry them snappier (much obliged for the tip, Purple).

Space Of The Purple Plush Pillow

purple extravagant pad survey

Space relies upon the status of the zippers

Space alludes to how tall the cushion is, compacted or uncompressed. These estimations are somewhat extraordinary on the grounds that we have such countless alternatives between the pad being dashed up, totally unfastened, and the wide range of various choices in the middle.

So the space of the pad is the equivalent at 8″ tall uncompressed, regardless of whether it’s compressed or unfastened. However, at that point while it’s compressed up, the pad has less space to level out (which is the reason it feels firmer), making it 2.5-3.5″ tall while packed. While the pad is unfastened, the lighten has more space to spread out, so it goes from 2-4″ tall while packed.

We understand this doesn’t seem like an immense distinction, yet it really feels somewhat unique while laying your head on it.

Purple Plush Pillow Dimensions

The components of the standard size cushion are about 26″ x 18″. A standard size pad case should fit on these pads fine and dandy, and furthermore make for simpler cleaning and more durable sheet material. The components of the jumbo are 35″ x 16.5″ so you’ll unquestionably require an extra large pad case

Obliging Different Sleep Styles

Since the solidness of this pad is flexible, we think nearly anybody will have the option to get settled, however recollect that getting settled and keeping the spine adjusted has a great deal to do with your body size, also.

Back Sleepers

When in doubt of thumb, back sleepers need a smidgen of space so their head is appropriately upheld to keep their neck in accordance with the remainder of their spine. Along these lines, we’d state back sleepers should unfasten their cushion for a gentler vibe and less space.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers commonly need some additional space to keep their spines adjusted while on their sides. The head should be upheld so the nose is in accordance with your gut button. Side sleepers should keep their Plush Pillow sped up so that it’s firmer and the space stays higher even with their head’s weight.

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